Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading
Book Award
2006 Nominee
About the Novel
In The Shadow Of The Mammoth
At eleven summers, Zol approaches
manhood in his clan of Ice Age
Hunters. He should be eager for his
first mammoth hunt, but shameful
fear gnaws at his insides like a
hungry rat.

In his quest for courage, Zol barely
escapes death in a raging river,
stands face-to-face with a young
mammoth, and survives two
attacks by a long-toothed cat.

Zol gains confidence from these
encounters. But will his new-found
courage stand the test of the
mammoth hunt?

This is the first middle grade novel
ever written about the Clovis
people who roamed the Pacific
Northwest approximately 12,000
years ago.
In 1990, I participated in an
archaeological excavation in North
Central Washington where tools
and artifacts from the stone-age
Clovis Period were uncovered.
These tools were used by the
nomadic Clovis People to hunt
giant Ice Age animals such as
mammoth, mastodon, and giant

My passion for prehistory makes
me excited about bringing the Ice
Age alive for kids. I am eager to
share stone-age tools and
reproductions of artifacts from the
Clovis excavation site.

My stories and articles have
appeared in children’s magazines
for years. My easy-reader,
Goodbye, Goose, is used in
classrooms. This is my first novel
for children.
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